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Meet EXISOM: The most advanced set of Smart Clothes

Arrow Certified Technology

Arrow Certified Technology!

We've teamed up with ARROW and INDIEGOGO the global platform for entrepreneurs, to bring our project from concept to market, to put every resource at our disposal hands.


EIT Health Top 25

We at ZAC.K are proud to be on EIT Health Top 25 best e-health Companies across Europe.

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Introducing Smarter Clothing

Exisom by ZAC.K | Intelligent Apparel

When cutting-edge technology collaborates with AI and top-grade fabric, a new generation of activewear is born. The kind of clothing that can keep up with you and your schedule.

It’s called Exisom.

Exisom is a set of smart clothes (leggings and tops) with sensors embedded in the core of the fabrics.

A small Bluetooth hardware unit embedded in the apparel sends data in real-time to the user’s smartphone. Once received, the data can be used in an app where it’s further analyzed using AI algorithms.


Up to 30% more accurate measurements of steps, HR beats and breaths compared to smartwatches.

Hands Free

Up to 2 months battery life and 7 days memory.


Guaranteed the world’s most affordable smartcloth.

Exceptional Fabrics

Italian fabrics guarantee comfort and unparalleled style for both men & women.

Exisom Smartwear

Our Technology

Tops & Leggings

Accurate Data Capture

Our apparel picks bodily signals using strategically placed ECG, respiration, and physical activity sensors.

Italian Fabrics

With natural feel and 4-way-stretch, Exisom is synonymous with great fit and optimal comfort. Our Italian fabrics meet the strictest international standards.

AI and Technology

AI algorithms provide feedback and personalized advice on how to improve your workouts.

Recording Device

Our module captures medical-grade biometric data and transmits it to your smartphone in real time.

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