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The people behind Exisom

Exisom by ZK

Exisom is curated and developed by an aspiring team of highly motivated and hard-working individuals for the last 2-years. Zack Kallidis, the founder of ZAC.K Intelligent Apparel company, a mechanical engineer, MBA holder and sports enthusiast, was the initial Exisom visionary.

Teaming up with George Siamidis – Full Stack Web Developer, Chris Andreadis and George Nikatris – Material and Electrical Engineer, the team of 4 quickly incepted the Exisom idea after just one collaboration.

Joining forces in order to develop perfect products, maximize efficiency, and bring the line to the market as soon as possible with competitive pricing, the Exisom timeline was set into motion. Partnering with manufacturers like ARROW to ensure quality is assumed in every seam, Exisom works with third party logistics partners to continue their commitment to quick and easy delivery.

ZAC.K Intelligent Apparel will run a campaign on Indiegogo, awaiting advocate support. Read more about our mission to make the world a better place through one smart piece of clothing at a time.

About Exisom

We understand that no campaign comes without challenges.
We promise to communicate with transparency and swiftness to ensure your expectations are met.

Our Team

Zack Kallidis

Zack Kalidis

CEO / MBA International Business

George Niktaris

Material Engineer & Electronics Technician

Giwrgos Kallidis

Business Manager / International Business

Afroditi Kravari

Marketing Manager & PR

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